VPR Brands, LP Would Like To Welcome ‘Dissim’ Brand Lighters To Its Family Of Brands

Dissim Butane Lighters

Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VPR Brands, LP (OTCQB: VPRB) a leading-edge innovation and technology products company has recently acquired the Dissim Lighter Brand, a premium lighter with patent-pending functionality and design. VPR Brands acquired the new lighter company assets including all Intellectual property, Trademark and Utility Patent Pending in exchange for an ongoing 5% royalty to the inventor and founders of Dissim.

The lighter, the Dissim, is the world’s first soft flame lighter designed for both upright and inverted use, meaning that it can be ignited and will remain lit at any angle. While that might sound interesting, the question quickly became would people fund the development of such a thing? The answer was yes! Out of more than 350,000 Kickstarter campaigns ever created, it ranks in the top 0.2% of campaigns for the most backers, to the tune of 7,067 backers who pledged $333,596, far surpassing the company’s listed goal of $3,200 It was also selected as one of Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love.”

The concept for the lighter came about in October 2018, and in the subsequent market research and design process, the company came up with a fairly unique design, highlighted by a then patent-pending circular grip. After reaching its goals and going into production, the Dissim lighter began shipping to backers in September 2020 and became available via the company’s online store and other retailers not long after.

Traditional lighters were designed primarily for lighting cigars and cigarettes, making them ill-suited for other uses like lighting candles or pipes. The world’s first lighter designed for both upright and inverted use, this model from Dissim is good for a wide variety of applications. It has a signature ergonomic circle grip that provides control in either orientation while greatly reducing the risk of inadvertent burns. The refillable, adjustable lighter runs on butane (with a window for checking how much is left), has an angled flame port, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Light up, or down. Our patent pending ergonomic circle grip allows for easily igniting the lighter in the upright, or inverted position.
Our re-fillable design allows you to use your lighter over and over again, no more disposable lighters.
Cast metal components not only look and feel good but are built to last.

'Dissim' Brand Lighters


“The premium lighter business is an amazing avenue for our company to increase its worldwide distribution of smoking accessories. The lighter business is strong and has no restriction on advertising or sales like our other business verticals have had. This will allow us to scale more quickly. Since taking over the company assets a short time ago we colors and unique designs such as Camo and Carbon Fiber,” said Kevin Frija CEO of VPR Brands LP. “The Zippo lighter has been successful to the tune of up to $200million in sales year after year by giving their have already developed a windproof Torch model which is launching soon as well as adding customer a quality lighter with new and novel design and functionality and we intend to build the same business model just with the Dissim unique design.”

“I have been a lighter collector for years and followed the industry and design changes closely. When I first saw the Dissim, I knew it was revolutionary not only in the sense that it improves traditional lighter functionality, but it also brings a new audience to the premium lighter space. Many of the luxury websites such as Bespoke Post, Touch of Modern, Huckberry, Uncrate, and Hiconsumtion currently feature the Dissim in ongoing campaigns, and has opened up a whole new EDC ( Every Day Carry) market segment for us. The Lighter has been embraced by having active and expanding distribution channels in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Canada and we are excited for its continued success and growth,” said Dan Hoff COO of VPR Brands LP.

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