VPR Brands: A Portfolio in the
Cannabis and Nicotine Verticals

Successes to Date

  • VPR Brands has built a portfolio of products, brands, and intellectual property in the nicotine, tobacco, and cannabis verticals.
  • White label program to delivery customized cannabis accessories for dispensaries, extractors, and growers.
  • New distribution network implementation for US and Canadian markets for 2024.
  • Enforcement of Patents and Trademarks with successful litigation.
  • VPR Brands reported a New Income of $2,951,216 for Q3 2023, a significant turnaround from a Net Loss of $54,521 in Q3 2022.
  • 51% year-over-year increase in revenue. 

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What We’re Bringing to the Table

Discover the electrifying investment potential that VPR Brands offers in the ever-changing vaporizer industry. With a wide-ranging portfolio of proven vaporizer products seamlessly integrated into the market… we’re igniting sales growth across the board. 

Our in-house product development is the key differentiator. It empowers us to broaden margins and stay at the forefront of innovation. Don’t miss your chance to be part of our dynamic journey!

Unlocking Enormous
Market Potential

The market is sizzling with emerging cannabis vaporizers that are driven by the powerful network effect of regional consumers. Beyond consumer demand, regional policies wield significant influence, contributing to a remarkable 29.8% CAGR. 

The U.S. Pocket Lighter Market was valued at a staggering USD 6.08B in 2021. It is poised for skyrocketing growth with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.9% from 2022 to 2028. 

2022 - 2030 Vapor Market Size

We Cater to Evolving Tastes

  • DISSIM Pocket Lighters: Enhanced functionality and safety, setting them apart from traditional lighters. 
  • HONEYSTICK Vaporizers: Cutting-edge tech meets sleek design for a premium vaping experience. Designed for essential oils, concentrates, and dry herbs. 
  • ELF Brands: Licensed to cover both Nicotine and Hemp segments, Elf was the very revenue generator for VPR Brands in 2023.

Investor Testimonials

Brian D. Knoxville, TN

“Firstly, what attracts me the most about VPR Brands is their beautifully managed portfolio of innovative products. This is not just about introducing something new to the market but about introducing products that are of real value and significance to consumers. Another significant factor that resonates with me is the industry in which VPR operates. Being in a high-growth sector means that there is an immense potential for expansion, and from what I’ve seen, VPR Brands is fully equipped to harness this growth.”

Abe F. Miami, FL

“It’s not uncommon to come across small companies, especially those traded on the over-the-counter market, that struggle with profitability. But VPR Brands defies this trend. Their profitability, especially in contrast to many of their peers, speaks volumes about their operational excellence. To put things in perspective, I’ve made various investments over the years. Yet, when it comes to returns and overall performance, VPR has outshone them all.”

Publications & Partners

Meet the Team

Kevin Frija, CEO

Miami, FL

Kevin Frija is a seasoned entrepreneur with 33 years of diverse experience in sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing g, advertising, and brand licensing. He founded and developed InGear Fashion , Inc., a prominent swim and resort wear company, as well as Flash Sales, Inc., a toy and novelty company, both located in Miami, FL. He remains an active creative director and equity partner in these ventures. In 2009, Mr. Frija assumed the role of President and CEO at Vapor Corp., a publicly traded electronic cigarettes company and e-cigarettes importer. 

Under his leadership, Vapor Corp. became a prominent player in the electronic cigarette industry achieving over $25 million in wholesale sales in 2013 and uplifting to the NASDAQ Capital Market in 2014. After his tenure as chairman and CEO, Mr. Frija shifted his focus to strategic advisory roles, offering his expertise to startups. In 2016, he acquired the brands and wholesale business assets form Vapor Corp., now under VPR Brands, LP, where he currently serves as CEO and Chairman.

Dan Hoff, COO

Miami, FL

Dan Hoff brings extensive experience from the vaporizer and e-cigarette industry, He played pivotal roles at Vapor Corps., a company focused on e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids, and accessories since its inception in 2007. During his time there, he collaborated closely with VPR Brands CEO Kevin Frija, overseeing financial management, accounting supply chain, product development, and key vendor relations. Hoff also led the expansion of Vapor Corp.’s cannabis-based products division and e-cigarette/vaporizer wholesale operations.

He contributed to the development of Vapor Corp.’s medical cannabis vape program providing turnkey OEM vapor solutions for cannabis professionals. In July 2016, VPR Brands acquired Vapor Corp.’s medical cannabis division and inventory, and Mr. Hoff joined VPR Brands as Director of Alternative Products and head of wholesale productions. His expertise led to his appointment as Chief Operating Officer of VPR Brands, LP, in January 2017. M. Hoff holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami School of Business.  


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