VPR Brands Acquires CARTDUB: Setting New Standards in Cannabis and Hemp Oil Recovery

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Dec. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire – VPR BRANDS LP (OTC: VPRB), a market leader in vaping and cannabis accessories, proudly announces the acquisition of CARTDUB assets including the Trademark, Patent Pending, and Website.

CARTDUB, established in 2021 by innovator Cliff Thomason, specializes in unique oil recovery tool kits tailored for cannabis and hemp oil cartridges. The product is designed to maximize efficiency and value for consumers, offering a practical solution in oil recovery. This strategic acquisition signals a significant step for VPR Brands, enabling it to incorporate CARTDUB’s cutting-edge technology and extend its market reach. CARTDUB is distinguished by several key features that set it apart in the industry:

  1. Unique Tamper-Resistant Unlocking System: CARTDUB stands as the only system capable of safely unlocking tamper-resistant vape cartridges, a crucial feature for testing labs, compliance agencies, extractors as well as consumers of vape carts.
  2. Durable Aluminum Construction: The product’s aluminum build not only ensures durability but also facilitates its function by withstanding extreme temperatures and being easy to clean, further enhancing its oil recovery capabilities.
  3. Proudly Made in the USA: Emphasizing quality and reliability, CARTDUB products are manufactured in the United States, adhering to the highest standards of production.
  4. Lifetime Warranty: Demonstrating confidence in their product, CARTDUB offers a lifetime warranty, underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.
  5. Versatile Size Options: Catering to a wide range of needs, CARTDUB is available in sizes suitable for personal use as well as commercial use, making it an ideal choice for dispensaries and retail outlets.

This acquisition is more than a business transaction; it’s a partnership that brings together CARTDUB’s innovative technology with VPR Brands’ market expertise. Together, this synergy will propel CARTDUB into new markets, making it a staple for cannabis enthusiasts and professionals alike. For consumers, CARTDUB is a smart investment. With just one oil recovery, the product pays for itself, making it an essential, no-brainer addition to their toolkit. The beauty of CARTDUB lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, offering a practical solution in a market that is rapidly expanding and evolving.

Dan Hoff, the COO of VPR Brands, explains, “I have worked closely with Cliff since he brought me the concept, and I instantly embraced the idea. I am excited to welcome CARTDUB as a new member in our portfolio of brands and patents and look forward to continue innovating in this area.”

Cliff Thomason, the inventor and innovator behind CARTDUB, shares his excitement, “Joining VPR Brands marks a significant milestone. Their vast experience in commercialization will take CARTDUB’s unique features to a wider audience, enhancing user experience and expanding our reach.”

“We are excited to bring CARTDUB into our family. CARTDUB is a game-changer,” said Kevin Frija, CEO of VPR Brands, “This acquisition will not only enrich our portfolio but also empower consumers and businesses in the cannabis and hemp sector.  CARTDUB’s unique value proposition and its potential for growth and development make it a perfect fit for our Company.”

VPR Brands is committed to maintaining the high standards set by CARTDUB while exploring new avenues for growth and innovation. This acquisition is a testament to VPR Brands’ dedication to leading the market with cutting-edge products that resonate with consumers’ evolving needs.

About CARTDUB: Founded by Cliff Thomason in 2021, CARTDUB is a pioneer in oil recovery tools for cannabis and hemp oil cartridges, known for its unique features like tamper-resistant unlocking and durable construction. Made in the USA, CARTDUB offers products for both personal and commercial use, backed by a lifetime warranty. Please visit www.cartdub.com

About VPR Brands: VPR Brands is a technology company with a focus on vaporizers and accessories for essential oils and extracts, dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in the cannabis and hemp industry.  VPR Brands is engaged in various monetization strategies of its U.S. patents covering electronic cigarette, vaporizer technologies, and related accessories. The company designs, develops, markets, and distributes products oriented toward the cannabis markets, including the ELF and HONEYSTICK brand of vaporizers and DISSIM Lighters. VPR Brands is actively enforcing its patents and exploring and monetizing licensing opportunities. For more information about VPR Brands, please visit www.vprbrands.com.

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