Original Kickstarter Backers Buy Up ‘Dissim’ Brand New Torch Lighters, Almost Sold Out!

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — February 11, 2021 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — VPR Brands, LP (OTC: VPRB) a leading edge innovation and technology products company has recently acquired the Dissim Lighter Brand, a premium lighter with patent pending functionality and design. VPR Brands acquired the new lighter company assets including all Intellectual property, Trademark and Utility Patent Pending in exchange for an ongoing 5% royalty to the inventor and founders of Dissim.

The newly launched model is a dual flame Torch which incorporates Dissim’s Patent Pending Circle Grip. The original campaign in 2020 garnered 7,067 backers who pledged $333,596, far surpassing the company’s listed goal of $3,200 It was also selected as one of Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love.”

“The new dual torch is a very unique lighter, our company’s engineering team sourced the highest quality jets and positioned them in a way that they come to a very fine pinpoint for supercharged precision lighting. The finish and feel of the lighter meet or exceed the best of breed in the premium lighter space industry in this windproof high-altitude design. I was pleasantly surprised at the velocity at which the lighters sold among our initial backers from the original crowdfunding campaign. “said Dan Hoff COO of VPR Brands, LP

“We decided to offer our newest model to the original 7,000+ Backers 1st and foremost and will continue give them first dibs on any new product releases going forward, and there will be many.” Says Kevin Frija CEO of VPR Brands LP “We will be making additional new limited edition special series models with unique color combinations and premium material combinations which will be numbered and certificated batches that will potentially be enticing to collectors, again offering those first to our original backers who have shown to be loyal and supportive even after Kickstarter.”

You can find our NEW Torch lighter here available now for pre order only in limited supply:

Frija goes on to say, “The initial run of the New Torch Lighter nearly sold out in less than 1 week and based on the demand and reaction from our loyal backers these will be a huge hit. The Kickstarter community has been an invaluable resource, it is much better than a modern-day focus group because they back their opinions with their wallet. The Backers are brutally honest and don’t hold back their opinions good or bad.”

“Every brand from St Dupont, Cartier, Dunhill and even Zippo have their signature look and syle that materialized to storied collectible brands for the centuries. The Dissim Team will continue to innovate so we may join those iconic Brands in our own unique way.” added Frija

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